US Imports Database, US Importers Directory and List.

US Imports Database, US Importers Directory and List.

US Import database helps you identify active US importers and American buyers directory based on US import shipments and bill of lading filed with US customs.

US Importers, American Importers, US Buyers Directory and US Import data are prepared from Import Bill Of Lading filed with USA Customs.

The data helps you instantly identify US buyers of your product.

Data has contact details like name and address, Tel , Fax of US Consignee , US Notify party and Overseas Supplier / Shipper. Import product Description, Bill of Lading no, container no, TEU, Qty , Date of Arrival in USA and many other useful information.

Please have a look at Sample reports below.

 US Imports bill of lading filed at US ports like New York, New Orleans, Charleston, San Francisco, Wilmington, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Pittsburgh, Miami, San Diego and all other sea ports of USA.

Alternator, Auto Oil, Ammonium Fluoride, Aloe Vera, Adhesive Film, Air Conditioner Compressor, Air Compressor, Alnico Magnet, Apple, Air Valve, Aramid, Aluminium Plate, Aluminium, Acid Dye, Art Paper Coated, Abs Resin, Auto Bulb, Aluminium Tube, Aluminum Plate, Acrylic Acid, Air Hose, Air Cleaner, Aluminum Scrap, Angle Grinder, Air Sensor

Base Paper, Bolt Washer, Brake Plate, Bakelite, Bearing Housing, Blouse, Baby Bag, Brake Pad, Ball Pen, Blender, Butyrate, Blue Bra, Brass Cable, Barium, Bag House, Bearing, Bath Tub, Birch, Bearing Shaft, Bowl Plate, Brass Ring, Brass Fitting, Boiler Parts, Bitumin, Bicycle Accessories

Cotton Bedspread, Car Heater, Computer Furniture, Chemical Oxide, Cd Pack, Chickpeas, Ceramic Pot, Cap Screw, Cotton Textile, Chair Back, Car Mat, Ceramic Machine, Copper Cable, CNC Machinery, Cotton Belt, Coats, Camcorder, Control Valve, Carpet Underlay, Car Lamp, Compressor, Car Spare Parts, Cam Lock, Cotton Shirt, Cotton Pillow Cover

Dry Batteries, Dried Fig, Density Polyethylene, Dry Yeast, Door Phone, Dish Towels, Dairy, Dome Camera, Dyed Yarn, Dvd Rom, Dried Onion, Dyed Fabric, Digital Electronic, Dried Mushroom, Diesel, Dry Cloth, Disposable Syringe, Dry Battery, Dyestuff, Display Box, Dried Anchovy, Dried Peas, Data Cable, Door Hardware, Dental Equipment

Electric Cable, Electronic Scale, Electronic Cable, Electric Hoist, Electric Pan, Electric Motor, Exercise Mat, Electric Paper, Ethanol, Exhaust Fan, Engine Model, Electric Car, Engine Coil, Elastic Rubber, Examination Container, Eyelash, Electronic Transformer, Electrical Switches, Engine Gas, Eraser Pen, Electrical Insulator, Ear Piece, Electronic Amplifier, Electric Plug, Evaporator

Fan, Fluorescent, Frozen Octopus, Fashion Hair, Flat Pin, Frozen Potato, Folder, Fuel Oil, Fabric Cover, Frozen Prawns, Fish Pan, Fabric Chair, Fibre Rolls, Fiber Mat, Frozen Fresh, Fluoride, Floor Lamp, File Board, Flask, Feather, Fuel Filter, Fresh Orange, Filter Oil, Filter Element, Filter Pump

Gas Cartridge, Galvanized Steel Wire, Glass Furniture, Gas Meter, Granite Tiles, Glass Handicraft, Gift Pen, Guillotine, Grade Paper, Glass Bead, Green Coffee, Glass Lock, Gold Granite, Glass Handle, Glaze Ceramic Tile, Glove Bags, Gear Assembly, Glycerol, Generator, Green Oxide, Green Peas, Granite Slabs, Glass Tray, Glass Cup, Guar Gum

Hair Shampoo, Humidifier, Heating Element, Hand Tool, Hydrocarbon Oil, Hard Disk Drive, Horn, Hydraulic Brake, Hose Pump, Hub Cover, Hub Bearings, Halogen Light, Hammer, Hot Rolled Coil, Hex Screw, Hydraulic Motor, Hexagon Bolt, Head Cap, Heat Shrink Tube, Head Pump, Handset, Hot Box, Honey, Hydraulic Crane, Handicraft

Imitation Jewellery, Ink Jet, Inductor Capacitor, Induction Motor, Indian Silk, Industrial Diamond, Iron Pipe, Iron Handicraft, Industrial Engine, Industrial Rubber, Iron Scrap, Iron Powder, Ice Container, Indian Cotton, Incandescent Lamps, Ink Jet Printer, Industrial Valve, Ink Pen, Iron Furniture, Ipod, Injection Molding, Injection Moulding Machine, Instrument, Indian Granite, Inkjet Printer Ink

Jersey Shirt, Jack Plug, Jeans, Jet Ink Printer, Jump Rope, Jacket Zip, Jacks, Jacket, Jewelry, Jasmine, Jack Wheel, Jute Made Bags, Jute Mat, Jute Twine, Juicer, Jacket Zipper, Juice, Jute Durries, Joystick, Jewel Box, Jute Bag, Jewelry Box, Jute Bale, Jasmin Tea, Junction Box

Kitchen Article, Knitted Polyester, Knitting Needle, Kitchen Apron, Knitted Fabric, Key Chain, Knitted Fleece, Kid Shoe, Key Pad, Keychain, Kernel Oil, Kitchen Equipment, Keyboard, Kidney Bean, Kitchen Knife, Kitchen Holder, Kidney, Knit Fabric, Kitchen Towel, Key Lock, Kettle, Knitted Clothing, Knit Jersey, Knife, Knitted Ladies Garment

Lint, Lime, Ladies Sleeve, Lcd Stand, Loading, Ladies Wear, Ladies Cap, Leather Belt, Lining Leather, Lead Wire, Ldpe Bag, Ladies Pant, Lace Nylon, Lamp Glass, Lock Parts, Leather Cloth, Ladies Jacket, Ladies Short, Leather Box, Light Table, Loose Powder, Ladies Panty, Leather Chemical, Liquid Rubber, Ladies Zip

Metal Pipe, Metal Alloy, Machine Pumps, Methyl Ethyl, Machin Made Carpet, Metal Tungsten, Medical Needle, Music Cd, Metal Candle Holder, Metal Needle, Machine Paper, Molybdenum, Melting Scrap, Meat, Men T Shirt, Metal Table, Mercury, Measuring Cup, Motor, Machine Spindle, Men Leather Shoes, Manganese Dioxide, Motorcycle Spare, Mosquito Mat, Monosodium Glutamate

Nitrogen, Nylon Thread, Needle Syringe, Nickel Alloy, Nylon Brush, Natural Graphite, Newsprint Paper, Nut Kernel, Nut Hex, Night Dress, Nitrile Gloves, Nail Cutter, Network Card, Nylon Nut, Needle Pin, Nut Clamp, Night Lamp, Nylon Rope, Nut Plug, Nylon Polyamide, Nylon Tape, Nail Polish, Natural Stone, Network Cable, Nipple

Oil Heater, Organic Bags, Organic Pigment, Oxide Magnesium, Orange Oil, Oil Painting, Oil Grease, Oscilloscope, Ornament Box, Optical Lenses, Oil Refine, Oil Vegetable, Oil Cooler, Optical Instrument, Oil Gear, Office Paper, Oil Filter, Olive Oil, Ornament, Office Chair, Organic Acid, O Ring Rubber, Orange, Onion, Oil Pump Gear

Pump Valve, Protein, Pistachios, Plastic Chair, Polyester Aluminum, Pineapple Slice, Photocopier, Pickle, Pressure Valve, Printed Fabric, Pillow Cover, Polyester Cloth, Poly Viscose, Pin Screw, Printing Machinery, Pressure Spray, Pentaerythritol, Palm Kernel, Pencil Lead, Plastic Knives, Pigments, Paper Weight, Plastic Needle, Polyester Fiber, Power Switch

Quartz Stone, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quick Connector, Quilt Pillow, Quartz Lamp, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quality Yarn, Quilt, Quartz Tube, Quartz Glass Tube, Quartz Clock, Quilted Bag, Quilt Bed, Quartz Watch, Quartz Tile, Quartz, Quartzite, Quick Coupler

Red Led, Remote Lamp, Reel Plastic, Rubber Bush, Rack Mount, Ring Piston, Rubber Tub, Regulator Valve, Rum, Rainwear, Ribbon Ink, Rubbe Mat, Roll Pvc, Rubber Accelerator, Rearview Mirror, Rubber Tires, Recorder, Rayon Filament, Radio, Ring Binder, Ring Bearing, Roller Pump, Red Rubber, Rubber Switch, Rubber Seal

Silicon Carbide, Slitting Cutter, Sand Grinder, Sanitary Napkin, Saddle, Sword, Speedometer, Steel Buckle, Strap, Stainless Pan, Steel Scrap, Steel Drum, Sauce, Scrap Cable, Stainless Steel Sheet, Scissor, Super Sacks, Sandals Footwear, Spin Pump, Steel Cookware, Surge Suppressor, Scooter, Sleeve Rubber, Silicone, Shoe Leather

Terrain Crane, Tin Container, Tennis Table, Tungsten, Thermo Container, Track, Timber, Textile Garment, Table Lamp, Tie Rod, Trimmer Head, Tube, Tool Die, Tension Bar, Textile Yarn, Travel Mug, Tetracycline Hcl, Turbines, Table Plate, Tv Color Lcd, Tartaric Acid, Tripod, Tablecloths, Telephone Switch, Tape Dispenser

Ups Battery, Usb Reader, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Usb Keyboard, U Tube, Usb Mouse, Ubatuba Granite, Utensil, Universal Shaft, Uncoated Paper, Usb Card, Uniform, Usb Drive, Underwear, Ups Power Supply, Usb Cable, Ultrasound Diagnostic, U Valve, Universal Joint, Upholstery Fabric, Urethane, Umbrella, U Wire, Ups System

Virgin Olive Oil, Vertical Milling Machine, Vinyl Cloth, Vacuum Seal, Velvet, Vanilla, Vacuum Valve, Video Card, Valve Pipe, Valves Brass Valve, Valves, Valve Exhaust, Vinegar, Van, Vase, Valve Ball, Valve Pump, Vinyl Chloride, Video Equipment, Vacuum Switch, Valve Regulator, Video Dvd, Vegetable Oil, Valve Cover, Vase Flower

Webbing Tape, Wrapper, Welding Electrode Wire, Water Motor, Wire Assembly, Wood Belt, Woofer, Wooden Door, Washer, Wooden Toy, Wheel Cover, Women Denim, Wood Rose, Wood Baskets, Wrist Watch, Wood Fastener, WS-C3550-12T, Warmer, Waterpump, Wood Candle, Wall Hanging, Water Spray, Wreath Garland, Wood Deco, Weaving Machine

X Ray Equipment, X Ray Camera, X Ray Machine, Xerox Printer, X Ray Accessories, Xylene, Xerox, X Premium Beer, X Ray Tube, Xanthan Gum, Xmas Ornament, X Ray Film

Yellow Stone, Yellow Oxide, Yellow 4, Young Fresh Coconut, Yarn Dyed Polyester, Yunnan Chilli, Yamaha Parts, Yarn Cones, Yarn Dyed Shirt, Ya Pear, Yellow Honey, Yarn Jute, Yellow 1, Yellow Peach, Yarn Polyster, Yellow Paper, Yellow Pigment, Yam, Yarn Fabric, Yarn Dye Cotton Fabrics, Yarn Dyed Polo Shirt, Yellow 3, Yellow 12, Yellow Croaker, Yarn Filament

Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Bolts, Zinc Alloy, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Zirconium Oxide, Zipper Hoodie, Zipper Nylon, Zip Bag, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zirconium, Zinc Handle, Zeolite, Zinc Chloride, Zinc Powder, Zircon, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Wire, Zinc, Zinc Scrap, Zinc Bar, Zip Jacket, Zinc Dross, Zinc Hook, Zinc Coil, Zipper

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