US Imports Database, US Importers Directory and List.

US Imports Database, US Importers Directory and List.

US Import database helps you identify active US importers and American buyers directory based on US import shipments and bill of lading filed with US customs.

US Importers, American Importers, US Buyers Directory and US Import data are prepared from Import Bill Of Lading filed with USA Customs.

The data helps you instantly identify US buyers of your product.

Data has contact details like name and address, Tel , Fax of US Consignee , US Notify party and Overseas Supplier / Shipper. Import product Description, Bill of Lading no, container no, TEU, Qty , Date of Arrival in USA and many other useful information.

Please have a look at Sample reports below.

 US Imports bill of lading filed at US ports like New York, New Orleans, Charleston, San Francisco, Wilmington, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Pittsburgh, Miami, San Diego and all other sea ports of USA.

Automotive Rubber Part, Acid Blue, Abrasive Belt, Air Condition, Antique, Aluminum Case, Aircraft, Air Conditioner Compressor, Auto Bearing, Auto Tool, Accelerator, Automobile Accessories, Angle Valve, Automotive Fuel Pump, Acrylic Acid, Alum Frame, Abs Resin, Automobile Steering, Aluminum Coil, Auto Tap, Acetic Acid, Aluminum Scrap, Audio Tape, Alarm System, Adhesive Label

Bitumin, Butadiene Rubber, Brass Tube, Brake Plate, Black Carbon, Binder Vinyl, Battery Lead Acid, Bleach, Bauxite, Bathroom Fitting, Bean, Board Paper, Baby Bottle, Body Lotion, Base Oil, Bedroom, Blood Pressure Monitor, Brass Handle, Battery, Butadiene, Bolt Nut, Buckle, Bicycle Parts, Bird Toy, Bicycle Tube

Cardigan, Cans, Carbon Dioxide, Cushion Cover, Cast Zinc, Condenser, Car Video, Caustic Soda, Ceramic Filter, Coated Fabric, Cd Re-writer, Cotton Polyster, Christmas Decoration, Charger Mobile Phone, Coated Film, Curtain, Cashew Nut Shell, Cotton Pillow Cover, Coaster, Cosmetic Brush, Coffee Machine, Citric Acid, Coffee Green Bean, Cap Screw, Clutch Fan

Dimer Acid, Denim Cloth, Door Closer, Die Set, Diesel Engine, Dried Fig, Denim Apparel, Drill Accessories, Dried Mango, Di-acetone, Dc Motor Part, Dried Plum, Drawing Book, Dining Chair, Dry Yeast, Digital Projector, Data Cable, Digital Video Recorder, Display Rack, Dyed Fabric, Diaphragm Valve, Drum Brake, Digital Net, Detergent, Desk Lamp

Electronic Safe, Electric Glass, Electric Drill, Electric Iron, Electric Lamp, Electronic Accessories, Eyelash, Electronic Component, Engine Filter, Erw Steel Tube, Engine Bearing, Electric Magnet, Electric Equipment, Ethyl Aceta, Eye Screw, Ear Ring, Electrical Terminal, Electric Tape, Ethanol Alcohol, Empty Container, Electronic Lock, Eraser, Exercise Machine, Essential Oil, Electrolytic Capacitor

Formaldehyde, Female Connector, Fresh Onions, Film Capacitor, Fibre Glass, Fresh Flowers, Furniture Fitting, Fuel Pump, Football, Faucet Valve, Frozen Food, Filter Paper, Fountain, Fresh Banana, Folding Carton, Fiber Glass, Fibre Drums, Ferrite Magnet, Floor Lamp, Fish Sauce, Filter Cleaner, Fuel Tank, Furniture Bed, Filament Yarn, Fiber Cable

Gaskets Washer, Gas Turbine, Green Paper, Gear Assembly, Granite Tiles, Guar Gum Powder, Glass Bead, Grease, Gas Water, Granite Block, Glass Mirror, Gasket Seal, Gift Packing Material, Glassine, Glass Handicraft, Gift Toy, Garlic, Gear Part, Gauze Sponge, Gas Filter, Gas Valve, Gas Hose, Globe, Galvanized Steel Wire, Glass Door

Hydraulic Motor, Home Theatre System, Humidifier, Hdpe Bag, Hazardous Material, Herbal, Hub Cap, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hospital Bed, Hydraulic Oil, Handle Lever, Heat Detector, Hot Adhesive, Hot Box, Hardware Lock, Hydraulic Tube, Hand Purse, Honey, Hair Dryer, Hose Nozzle, Hardware Ball, Head Lamp, Heat Exchange, Hub Bearings, Helical Gear

Inductor Capacitor, Iron Stand, Iron Wire, Iron Bracket, Ignition Cable, Ink Box, Isophthalic Acid, Iron Hardware, Iron Furniture, Indian Carpet, Impulse Sealer, Inkjet Paper, Infant Jacket, Iron Pig, Ice Container, Injection Molding, Injection Pump, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Iron Scrap, Ice Mat, Industrial Filter, Inkjet Printer, Indian Furniture, Isabgol, Insulin Syringe

Jelly, Jet Ink Printer, Jute Made Bags, Jump Rope, Jack Plug, Jute Mat, Jewellery Accessories, Jewel Box, Jigsaw, Jute Bag, Joystick, Jacks, Jacket Zipper, Jewelry Box, Jute Durries, Jute Twine, Jeans, Jewelry, Jacket, James, Jacquard Fabric, Jacket Zip, Jack Wheel, Jumper, Juicer

Knitting Machine, Karaoke, Knitted Sweater, Key Chain, Knitted Garment, Key Ring, Knitted Fleece, Kitchen Article, Kettle, Knitted Polyester, Knitting Yarn, Kraft Paper, Key Lock, Key Case, Knitted Ladies Garment, Keychains, Kitchen Towel, Kitchen Table, Kernel Oil, Kitchen Equipment, Key Pad, Knit Fabric, Kitchen Holder, Knife, Kidney Bean

Lecithin, Locker, Lock Hook, Light Fitting, Laser Toner, Ladies Apparel, Lead Acid Battery, Lock Valve, Led Diode, Ladies Panty, Lighting Fixture, Latex, Ladies Rayon, Ladies Shirt, Ladies Pant, Lead Ingot, Lycra Spandex, Line Filter, Light Table, Leather Foot, Lysine, Lampholder, Label, Led Light, Lithium Battery

Monohydrate, Medical Accessories, Magnifier, Metal Furniture, Motor Piston, Metal Pen, Methyl Ethyl, Milk Tin, Machine Paper, Metal Tray, Map, Metal Coil, Motor Jacket, Motherboard, Mineral Water, Metal Seal, Mung Bean, Methoxy, Metal Mount, Motor Parts, Mirror Paper, Metal Button, Men Belt, Metal Jewelry, Mosquito Net

Newspaper, Natural Sesame, Natural Graphite, Necklace, Nut Bolt, Natural Rubber, Nitro, Net Fabric, Net Cable, Nuts Washer, Nylon Wheel, Noodle Sauce, Natural Oil, Nylon Tape, Nylon Cord, Needle Steel, Notebook Computer, Night Dress, Nut Bolts Screw, Nitrate, Nickel Brass, Needle Roller Bearing, Network Cable, Nickel, Nail Polish

Optical Mouse, Oscilloscope, Organic Oil, Optical Glass, Oil Heater, Oil Filter, Oil Glass, Optical Lens, Operating Table, Oil Refine, Office Stationery, Oleic Acid, Oil Painting, Organic Pigment, Oil Gear, Oil Fuel Oil, Oxide Zinc, Office Paper, Organic Acid, Organic Soybean Meal, O Rings, Onion, Oil Lubricant, Oil Cooler, Organ Bag

Paper Gift, Pvc Tube, Pad Plastic, Poly Bag, Pipe, Piston Pump, Power Capacitor, Paper Can, Projection Screen, Pig Leather, Pressure Spray, Plastic Handle, Perfume, Polyester Filament Yarn, Power Inverter, Phone Accessories, Pump Flange, Phone Cord, Polyester Hat, Plastic Stationery, Phone Connector, Pineapple, Panel, Printed Fabric, Paper Weight

Quick Connector, Quartz Clock, Quartz Tile, Quilt Bed, Quartzite, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quartz Lamp, Quilted Bag, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quartz Stone, Quilt Pillow, Quick Coupler, Quartz, Quartz Watch, Quality Yarn, Quartz Tube, Quilt, Quartz Glass Tube

Rattan Furniture, Rubber Gasket, Resin Lamp, Remote Lamp, Rubber Boot, Readymade Garment, Reading Glasses, Rice Bran, Rosin, Radian, Rug Carpets, Readymade Shirt, Rubber Tires, Red Leather, Red Blue, Rubber Ring, Resin Ornament, Rug Carpet, Rubber Tube, Rice Bag, Rags, Refine Wax, Room Air Conditioner, Riding, Rear View Mirror

Sport Socks, Spoon, Stainless Steel Nipple, Steel Chain, Spandex Jeans, Spring Pin, Steel Blade, Steel Forging, Sandwich, Synthetic Paper, Scrubber, Starch Tapioca, Shoe Sole, Screw Fastener, Shaft, Shutter, Strainer, Super Sacks, Steel Plate, Shirt, Spacers, Steel Nut, Steel Balls, Solar Light, Steel Oil

Tube, Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Time Clock, Tungsten, Table Light, Twill Polyester, Textile Dye, Therapeutic, Tube Box, Tamarind, Table Base, Tray Mat, Toaster Oven, Textile Machinery Spare, Tile, Track, Table Top, Twill Cotton, Tricycle, Telecom Parts, Tft Monitor, Telephone Cable, Tread Rubber, Tennis Balls, Tea Candle

Usb Mouse, Ups Power Supply, Ups System, Ups Battery, Ubatuba Granite, Usb Cable, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Usb Reader, Urethane, U Valve, Underwear, Uncoated Paper, Universal Shaft, Usb Card, Uniform, Utensil, Umbrella, U Wire, U Tube, Universal Joint, Ultrasound Diagnostic, Upholstery Fabric, Usb Drive, Usb Keyboard

Valve Body, Vitamin, Vinegar, Vanity Mirror, Vacuum Gasoil, V Belt, Valve Gate, Valve Regulator, Valve Globe, Valve Casting, Valve Needle, Vinyl Cloth, Valve Exhaust, Vitamin E, Vegetable, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Seal, Vacuum Pump, Valve Guide, Vinyl Sheet, Valve Pipe, Valve Cap, Vacuum Oil, Video Cassette, Van

WS-C3550-12T, Wooden Handle, Wood Table, Welding Wire, Wall Hanging, Wood Stationery, Wood Knob, Writing Pad, Woolen Carpet, Whisky, Woven Skirt, Water Hose, Woven Bag, Wheel Motor, Wood Hair Comb, Weaving Polyester, Wheel, Wooden Paper, Wood Candle, White Paper, Window Curtain, Wood Flooring, Welding Rod, Wall Lamp, Woven Jackets

Xerox, X Ray Camera, Xanthan Gum, Xylene, X Ray Film, X Premium Beer, Xmas Ornament, X Ray Machine, Xerox Printer, X Ray Accessories, X Ray Tube, X Ray Equipment

Yellow Corn, Yellow Pine, Ya Pear, Yarn Dyed Polyester, Yeast, Yamaha Parts, Young Fresh Coconut, Yellow Marble, Yellow Croaker, Yarn Thread, Yarn Polyster, Yellow 3, Yarn Towel, Yellow Oxide, Yogurt, Yellow Peach, Yarn Dye, Yarn Dye Cotton Fabrics, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Iron Oxide, Yoga Mat, Yellow 12, Yellow Onions, Yarn In Cotton, Yellow Honey

Zirconium, Zip Jacket, Zinc Plate, Zinc Powder, Zinc Chloride, Zip Bag, Zinc Scrap, Zipper Hoodie, Zinc Coil, Zipper Bag, Zipper Nylon, Zirconium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Zipper, Zinc Bar, Zinc Bolts, Zinc Wire, Zinc Sulphate Mono, Zirconium Carbonate, Zinc Handle, Zinc Hook, Zinc, Zircon Oxide, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zinc Sulphate

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