US Imports Database, US Importers Directory and List.

US Imports Database, US Importers Directory and List.

US Import database helps you identify active US importers and American buyers directory based on US import shipments and bill of lading filed with US customs.

US Importers, American Importers, US Buyers Directory and US Import data are prepared from Import Bill Of Lading filed with USA Customs.

The data helps you instantly identify US buyers of your product.

Data has contact details like name and address, Tel , Fax of US Consignee , US Notify party and Overseas Supplier / Shipper. Import product Description, Bill of Lading no, container no, TEU, Qty , Date of Arrival in USA and many other useful information.

Please have a look at Sample reports below.

 US Imports bill of lading filed at US ports like New York, New Orleans, Charleston, San Francisco, Wilmington, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Pittsburgh, Miami, San Diego and all other sea ports of USA.

Auto Rubber Part, Acid Calcium, Auto Tool, Alternator, Aircraft, Auto Filter, Art Paper, Acetyl, Antioxidant, Aluminium Plate, Amplifier, Aluminium Metal, Air Impact Wrench, Antenna, Air Freshener, Aluminum Door, Adhesive Tape, Ammonia, Acid Salt, Alloy Steel Bar, Antique, Automotive Rubber, Adidas Shoes, Acetone, Anklet

Broken Rice, Baby Gift, Blade, Bridge, Baby Oil, Blind, Back Up Sheet, Brass Bar, Brake Spring, Brass Handle, Bath Rugs, Basin Glass, Bearing, Bird Feeder, Bean, Blue Plastic, Bran Oil, Baby Powder, Baby Bottle, Brass Handicraft, Ball Screws, Base Plate, Bearing Cover, Blue Bra, Blower

Chicken, Carbide Tip, Cotton Clip, Component Hydraulic, Cotton Bedspread, Cotton Fiber, Chrome Plate, Car Tool, Calcium Chloride, Car Coil, Cotton Garments, Clock, Clutch Plate, Cd Pack, Corrugated Board Box, Cd Re-writer, Car Seat, Copper Profiles, Computer Furniture, Cool Oil, Cooler, Cr Coil, Cellular Phone, Cotton Hats, Cotton Cap

Dairy, Dictionary, Diaphragm Valve, Diaper, Diesel Engine Part, Dioxide, Dust Cover, Deep Fryer, Dye Intermediate, Digital Electronic, Door Mat, Dimer Acid, Dry Battery, Dinner Mat, Digital Clock, Door Switch, Dispenser, Disposable Syringe, Door Frame, Dell Computer, Dimethyl Carbonate, Digital Recorder, Diesel Filter, Dry Paper, Dc Power Supply

Elbow Fitting, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Lock, Electric Pump, Engine Seal, Electronic Battery, Electric Paper, Electric Transformer, Electrolytic Manganese, Electronic Transformer, Electric Circuit, Electric Pan, Engine Valve, Ethylene, Extension Cord, Eye Hooks, Electronic Amplifier, Engine Oil, Educational Toy, Envelop, Exhaust Manifold, Eye Screw, Ethernet Adapter, Electrode, Electric Tool

Fiber Cap, Fat Powder, Fleece Fabric, Fabric Knitted, Flux Welding, Furniture Board, Frozen Octopus, Fluorescent Ballast, Fruit Juice, Forged Steel Ball, File Box, Fork Lift, Fluorescent, Frozen Salmon, Filter Paper, Fish, Frozen Beans, Folding Carton, Fish Bag, Ferrite Core, Fabric Bed, Filter Tube, Fire-fighting, Flexible Packaging Material, Feather

Grease, Granite Stone, Gas Oven, Gear Drive, Grade Paper, Generator Part, Green Tea, Glass Jar, Grey Fabric, Gum, Glue Adhesive, Glass Window, Green Slabs, Gas Lighter, Gas Generator, Glass Handicraft, Granite Tiles, Glass Light, Green Oxide, Gas Stove, Gate Valve, Gum Arabic, Green Peas, Gel Mat, Gear Housing

Hanger, Hospital Bed, Hammer Drill, Hand Book, Hand Wrench, Hub Cover, Head Pump, Hinge, Heat Exchange, Hosiery Goods, Helical Gear, Hose Steel, Humidifier, Hdpe, Hydroxy Acid, Heat Exchanger, Hot Foil Stamping, Halogen Lamp, Hanging Light, Hardware Knob, Hose, Heat Sink, Hose Nozzle, Hot Rolled, Hitch Ball

Instrument, Industrial Gas, Infant Jacket, Ice Cream, Ice Mat, Industrial Valve, Iron Casting, Iodine, Injection Mold, Inductor Capacitor, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Iron Wire, Ipod, Insulin Syringe, Injection Moulding Machine, Industrial Filter, Isabgol, Iron Pipe, Ink Box, Injection Spare, Ivory, Injection Molding Machine, Indian Silk, Ink Jet Printer, Inkjet Paper

Jersey, Japanese Food, Jute Rugs, Jewellery Accessories, Jack Plug, Jigsaw, Jump Rope, Jute Durries, Jasmine, Jumper, Jute Twine, Jacket Zip, Juicer, Jacquard Fabric, Joystick, Jasmin Tea, Jacks, Jewelry, James, Jewel Box, Jelly, Jersey Shirt, Jacket Zipper, Jute Mat, Jet Ink Printer

Knitted Clothing, Key Pad, Kraft Paper, Knife, Kitchen Napkin, Key Chain, Knitted Ladies Garment, Knitting Needle, Ketone, Key Holder, Keychains, Kitchen Mat, Keyboard, Knitting Yarn, Knitted Fabric, Knitted Top, Kaolin, Kitchen Furniture, Kitchen Article, Kitchen Apron, Keychain, Kidney, Kitchen Towel, Knitted Polyester, Key Case

Leather Chemical, Laptop Computer, Lamp, Lock Hook, Leather Foot, Laser, Load Cell, Leather Bag, Leather Cloth, Leather Furniture, Liquid Rubber, Lecithin, Ladies Pajama, Ladies Shoes, Ladies Wear, Leather Box, Laboratory Equipment, Lighting Fixture, Lint, Lead Acid, Laser Beam, Leather Buckle, Linen, Ladies Acrylic, Laser Toner

Machine Screw, Metal Photo Frame, Mirror Glass, Metal Cup, Metal Buckle, Metal Button, Motherboard, Mustard, Metal Trophy, Melting Scrap, Melt Glue, Methyl Ether, Metal Cabinet, Magnet Valve, Metal Pen, Machine Tool, Mattress, Mobile Phone, Memory Card, Metal Coil, Metal Paper, Methyl Chloro, Mouse Key, Mirrors, Manometer

Natural Graphite, Nylon Handbag, Needle Punch, Night Lamp, Nylon Polyamide, Nylon Sheets, Neck Ladies, Network Cable, Newsprint Paper, Natural Oil, Nail Polish, Nylon Twine, Nylon Tube, Needle Bearing, Nylon Hat, Nickel Wire, Nylon Thread, Needle Roller Bearing, Notebook Computer, Nylon Wheel, Note Paper, Nozzle, Nipple, Natural Jute, Net Mesh

Oil Pump Gear, Organic Food, Oil Filter, Ore Concentrate, Oil Pump, Organic Pigment, Ornament Box, Oil Heater, Oscilloscope, Oil Vegetable, Outboard Motor, Organic Dye, Oil Glass, Orange Oil, Office Stationery, Optical Mouse, Oil Additive, Organic Chemical, Oil Gear, Oil Fuel Oil, Oil Lubricant, Ornament, Office Equipment, Outdoor Light, Oven

Peroxide, Potato Starch, Phosphate, Plastic Coil, Plastic Dispenser, Phone Cell, Poly Carbonate, Packing Carton, Plastic Box, Polyester Jacket, Pullover Jacket, Power Wire, Poly Button, Pan Cover, Pharmaceutical, Packaging Paper, Poly Belt, Polyest Pipe, Pvc Coated, Plastic Adhesive, Plastic Garment, Plywood Veneer, Poly Bag, Pressure Sensor, Pouch Bag

Quartz Tile, Quartz Alarm Clock, Quilted Bag, Quick Coupler, Quartzite, Quality Yarn, Quilt Bed, Quartz Watch, Quartz Stone, Quilt Pillow, Quartz Clock, Quilt Cushion Cover, Quartz, Quartz Lamp, Quartz Glass Tube, Quick Connector, Quilt, Quartz Tube

Resin Machine, Rocker, Roller Shaft, Reactor, Rack Mount, Roll Tissue, Ring Bearing, Ruler, Ring Frame, Rubber Paper, Red Bag, Roll Pvc, Readymade Shirt, Rocking Chair, Ring Tube, Ring Bolt, Rubber Spring, Rotary Switch, Roll Pin, Rubber Ring, Rice White, Rechargeable Battery, Rear View Mirror, Reactive Dye, Rugs

Strainer, Spray Pumps, Shower Kit, Seam Tube, Silicon Tube, Stationary, Spark Ignition, Silane, Screw Pump, Spherical Ball Bearings, Synthetic Paper, Snoopy, Sand Stone, Stainless Steel Glass, Spark Plug, Statue, Side Table, Steel Angle, Synthetic Fabric, Slice Toaster, Sugar Cane, Stand Mirror, Stainless Steel Tube, Silicon Steel, Steel Drum

Tape Elastic, Tea Box, Truck Tyre, Tablecloth, Tyre, Thread Bolt, Table Napkin, Toaster, Turquoise, Thermistor, Titanium, Thermal Printer, Tool Part, Tennis Ball, Toaster Oven, Tread Rubber, Trouser, Tin Container, Tricot Brush, Turbines, Tv Lcd Monitor, Tuna Fish, Table, Toiletries, Taffeta

Universal Shaft, Uncoated Paper, Usb Mouse, Universal Joint, U Wire, Ultrasound Diagnostic, Usb Drive, Upholstery Fabric, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Usb Cable, Uniform, Umbrella, Ups Power Supply, U Valve, Underwear, Utensil, Usb Reader, Urethane, Ups Battery, U Tube, Ubatuba Granite, Usb Keyboard, Usb Card, Ups System

Video Cassette, Valve Casting, Vinyl Paper, Valve Ball, Vacuum Switch, Vegetable Oil, Vane Pump, Valve Flange, Valve Guide, Vibrator, Vitamin, Valve Pipe, Vacuum Valve, Vanilla, Video Digital Recorder, Vacuum Gasoil, Varnish, Vitamin C, Vinyl Gloves, Vending Machine, Valve Gasket, Vinegar, Vinyl, Video Cable, Valve Exhaust

Waste Cotton, Wire Hook, Work Gloves, Wood Polish, Wall Light, Wiper Blade, Women Cap, Woven Fabric, Wood Log, White Cloth, Wooden Corn, Wrapping Machine, Woolen Carpet, Wooden Book, Wooden Bowl, Wood Case, Weaving Polyester, Wood Bead, Wooden Bench, Wallet, Wood Handle, White Bean, Wine Bottle, Wood Toy, Water Cooler

X Ray Equipment, Xerox Printer, X Premium Beer, Xerox, X Ray Film, X Ray Tube, X Ray Accessories, Xanthan Gum, Xmas Ornament, Xylene, X Ray Camera, X Ray Machine

Yellow Croaker, Yellow Pine, Yellow Oxide, Yellow 4, Yarn Dye, Yellow 12, Yarn Dye Cotton Fabrics, Yellow 2, Young Fresh Coconut, Yarn Filament, Yogurt, Yeast, Yarn Dyed Shirt, Yarn Dyed Polyester, Yamaha Parts, Yellow Corn, Yellow Synthetic, Yellow Honey, Yarn In Cotton, Yellow Stone, Yarn Waste, Yellow Paper, Yunnan Chilli, Yarn Chenille, Yarn Wool

Zeolite, Zinc Powder, Zipper Bag, Zipper Nylon, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Scrap, Zirconium Oxide, Zinc Hook, Zirconium, Zipper Hoodie, Zinc Plate, Zinc, Zirconium Carbonate, Zinc Bolts, Zipper, Zinc Coil, Zinc Bar, Zinc Handle, Zip Jacket, Zinc Chloride, Zip, Zirconium Oxychloride, Zircon, Zinc Wire, Zinc Sulphate

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